General Conditions

These general conditions apply to all agreements between "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen", the entrepreneur and the holiday maker - tenant concerning the rental of accommodation.  These conditions are an indissoluble part of the agreement.

Creation of reservation and payment

A reservation can be made both online and by telephone by an adult person.

The hirer must agree to the general terms and conditions and provide all mandatory information to make the reservation.

Upon receipt, "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" will process and confirm the reservation. If the tenant does not receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail, something may have gone wrong and the tenant should contact our office. Please note that your reservation is not yet final.

The tenant must pay a deposit of 35% of the total invoice amount in Euros via IDEAL, simultaneously with the booking.  Upon receipt of this payment, the reservation is final.

The remaining payment of the invoice has to be paid no later than four weeks before arrival. When making a reservation less than four weeks before arrival, the full invoice amount must be paid.

Cancelling or changing the agreement

It may happen that due to unforeseen circumstances the holiday has to be cancelled. In this case, the tenant must inform us by e-mail. In most cases costs will be charged for a cancellation or change. After cancellation, the tenant will receive a cancellation invoice. The administration costs for a cancellation/change are 45 Euros described. In addition to these costs, the tenant is liable for the following charges:

  • In case of cancellation up to 1 months before arrival: free of charge.
  • In case of cancellation from 1 month up to arrival : 100% of the invoice amount.

"Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" has the right to cancel the reservation in case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances. Under unforeseen circumstances and force majeure are understood, among other things:

  • If the house or flat is no longer suitable for rental (for example: due to flooding, fire or non-performance of the owner.
  • If the house or flat is no longer available (for example: due to sudden sale of the house or flat by the owner, a double booking or bankruptcy of the owner. The entrepreneur will inform the hirer of this immediately by telephone or in writing, stating the reason. "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative in exceptional cases. If no suitable alternative can be offered or if the holiday-maker does not agree to the alternative offered, the entrepreneur will refund the part of the invoice already paid minus 45 euros administration costs. If the tenant wishes to change the agreement, this is possible up to 28 days before arrival. After amendment, the booking may not be cheaper than the original booking. A change fee may be charged for such changes.

The total amount of the charge must always be paid in full before arrival. If payment is not made within the term of payment "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" has the right to dissolve the agreement (cancel) and to hold the renter liable for the cancellation costs. The cancellation costs will be deducted from the amounts already paid.

State of the accommodation and nature of use

The Accommodation is made available to the Hirer in good condition. If the Tenant believes that this is not the case, he must immediately report to "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen".

The Hirer and his guests are obliged to treat the accommodation and its inventory with care. The Hirer shall leave the accommodation in a clean condition upon departure. Any damage caused by the Tenant or guests must be reported by the Tenant before departure and must be paid for immediately. If the accommodation is not left clean or damaged, the "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen"' will be entitled to deduct the damage from the deposit.

The accommodation may only be used by the Tenant for recreational purposes, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Permanent residence is not allowed.

The maximum number of persons allowed is stated on the website, more is not allowed (including babies and children). In case of violation, the use of the accommodation can be denied and there is no right to restitution.

Towels and bedlinen are optional, you can rent them for a fee or bring your own.

Pets (only dog or dogs) are only allowed if this is explicitly stated. You must always register your pet(s). Failure to do so may result in refusal to allow them to stay. Additional cleaning costs are charged for bringing pets. Your pets must meet the health and vaccination requirements. The tenant remains at all times responsible for damage caused by the pet to the accommodation or park.

Travel information

You may enter the accommodation from 15H00 and you must leave the accommodation no later than 10H00, unless with the express written permission of "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen". You can also find this information on the website. The key is handed over at the office or through our safes, upon departure you may deposit it in our mailbox or hand it over at the office.


If a tenant has a complaint during their stay at the park, they can report it to our office "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" to give us the opportunity to solve this complaint, please mention your booking number and contact details.

Travel sum and costs

"Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" reserves the right to change the price of the holiday if this is due to an increase in government levies or taxes.


"Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" and the owner of the accommodation shall not be liable for loss or theft (including money), damage to property, damage or injury caused to the renter and his guests by any cause whatsoever.

"Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" accepts no liability for unexpected (construction) activities near the reserved accommodation, work on access and/or main roads, noise nuisance caused by neighbours, church bells, fireworks, cars, trains or agricultural machinery, nuisance caused by vermin and environmental problems in the vicinity of the park and/or accommodation.

The tenant is deemed to be aware of local laws and regulations. "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" is not liable for the consequences of any violation thereof by the renter and/or his guests.

During the stay, the Tenant shall be liable for any damage caused during the stay to the accommodation, its furnishings and all matters pertaining to the booked accommodation regardless of who caused the damage. The settlement of this damage should first be between "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" and the tenant.

Applicable law and competent court

Dutch law is applicable to the Agreements that have been concluded, amended or supplemented on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions, unless other law is applicable on the basis of mandatory rules.

Disputes regarding the Agreement may only be submitted to the competent court in Middelburg.

Other stipulations

The holiday maker is responsible for providing the correct contact details and must immediately inform "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" of any changes in his/her contact details.

Guests of the hirer must adhere to the same conditions and rules as the hirer.

In the event of a power failure, the Tenant must first check their own fuses and the fuse in the power box before calling "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen". The electrical appliances must be turned off in the event of a power failure if they are not automatically turned off. It is not permitted to tap electricity from toilet blocks or other (public) buildings or things like lampposts. It is not permitted to charge an electric car other than in the designated parking areas.

Use of accommodation

Each accommodation has its own personal furnishings. It is not allowed to take furniture inside the accommodation outside. (Garden) furniture may not be moved to other accommodations. The lessee is obliged to keep the accommodation and its immediate surroundings in a neat and orderly condition. Waste must always be deposited in the appropriate containers or waste bins. It is not allowed to leave waste next to the containers or elsewhere in the park. In your absence, all loose objects such as bicycles, toys, etc. around the accommodation must be cleared away, stored and placed out of sight. Bicycles may not be placed against the accommodation. It is not permitted to place party tents near or on the accommodation. Drones are not permitted. Pets are not allowed to disturb other guests in any way.  The person accompanying the pet must ensure that faeces are removed, both on and around the accommodation.

It is forbidden to pick flowers, pull branches or bushes or hammer nails into trees. Digging holes and damaging public greenery is also not permitted. Urinating in public is not allowed.

Loss of keys/passes

In case of loss of keys/passes etc., costs will be charged. (With regard to keys, this is an amount of € 115.00). It is not allowed to give keys and/or passes in use to others. Upon departure, all keys received by the Lessee for their accommodation must be returned to "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen".

Peace and quiet and nuisance 

Tenants must behave correctly and refrain from doing anything that may reasonably cause offence or nuisance. Between 23.00 and 7.00 hours the night's rest must be respected. Guests must strictly observe this night's rest. This includes no loud conversations, music or other noise. It is not allowed to use music carriers, musical instruments and other objects that cause or may cause noise pollution in such a way as to cause a nuisance. When a complaint is received from another guest, the nuisance is established in principle. Public drunkenness is prohibited.

Maintenance work / Faults

Urgent faults reported to "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" will be resolved as soon as possible. "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" always has the right to enter the rented accommodation for inspection and/or to carry out (or have carried out) maintenance work, without the Guest being entitled to a full or partial refund of the (rental) sums paid or still to be paid. Naturally, we will first consult with you as the tenant. 

With a view to calamities and the supply and delivery (of emergency services), paths, access roads and barriers must always remain free of motor vehicles and other obstacles.


The use of a barbecue is permitted provided it is at least 3 metres from trees, bushes, fences, buildings and the accommodation. A bucket with about 10 litres of water must also be within easy reach of the barbecue in case of emergencies. Only electricity, gas, charcoal and briquettes may be used as fuel for the barbecue. "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" and the owner of the accommodation reserve the right to forbid the use of a barbecue. Due to fire hazard, discarded barbecues may not be deposited in the appropriate containers as long as they are not extinguished and cooled down.

Found objects

If the owner of a found object does not report it within one month after it has been deposited, the collection is suspended.


"Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" charges a deposit of €150.00.

The deposit will be refunded if the accommodation is left in good condition within 14 days of departure. If the rubbish has not been cleared away and taken to the containers, the dishwasher has not been emptied, the rented sheets have not been removed from the beds and/or the pans/crockery/ cooking surfaces are not clean, € 10.00 will be deducted from the deposit per item. Damage will initially also be deducted from the deposit, if not sufficient you can expect additional from "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen".

Regulations groups and / or specific cases

"Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" reserves the right to request an additional deposit in certain situations and periods. On that basis the "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" shall be entitled to charge any group (or family) a deposit of between € 100,00 and € 500,00. The Tenant who has booked for a group is requested to report to the Reception upon arrival of the group at all times. "Kustverhuur Zeeuws Vlaanderen" will (may) ask him to show his identity papers and (may) also request the names of the group members. In addition, a deposit of € 100.00 to € 500.00 shall be payable. Every guest is obliged to show proof of identity at the first request.